Sunday, November 21, 2010

Parents Magazine- 3 yrs for $5.99

Tanga is offering an amazing deal on Parents magazine.  You can get 3 years for $5.99!!!  Just hop over here and take advantage of this great price.  The coupon code is PARENTS.  It will reduce the price during the checkout.
Parents magazine have coupon codes in them from time to time to get 20% off diapers at  In the past, the codes have been stackable with codes from other magazines for the diapers, meaning a HUGE discount on diapers.  I got a big box of diapers a couple months ago and paid a little over $10.  You may be saying, "Well, I will just buy the magazines in the store when I know there is a code in it."  Problem one, you will pay around $3.99 for ONE ISSUE when you can buy 36 issues for $5.99.  Problem two, there are very dishonest people that will steal the codes from the magazines in the stores.  They simply write them down and leave the cards in the magazines.  You have no clue you have a useless code until you try to use it.  I learned that the hard way!
Remember that as others start purchasing this subscription from Tanga, the prices may start to rise. So, don't wait around long to snag this deal.
Thanks Collin from Hip2Save!!

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