Friday, November 26, 2010

Walgreens 11/26/10

Walgreens had some great freebies this weekend.  I love the Olay body wash, but I refuse to pay full price for it.  So FREE Olay always excites me.  I paid $13.01 OOP, saved $88.82, and I have $16.98 in Register Rewards to spend later.  Yep, a profit of $3.97!!

Walgreens can be a little tricky when shopping with coupons and trying to keep your OOP expense low by using Register Rewards.  You have to have the same number of items as you have coupons.  The computers recognize Register Rewards as coupons.  You need to find the cheapest item you can in the store, like that little caramel you see in the picture.  Sometimes they may have individual pencils really cheap that make great "filler" items.  Also, you can't use the Register Rewards you have earned on an item to purchase the same item to earn more rewards.  The computer will recognize that you have already purchased that item, and it won't print out another reward.  You can use other RRs from other items to pay for it, and the rewards will print.


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