Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RiteAid shopping 11/11/10

I actually made it out to do a little shopping this afternoon.  I didn't have any planning time and my mind is on a million other things, but I think I done well.  I bought :
13 Act II popcorn balls (clearanced from Halloween)
6 bags of Brachs candy corn (clearanced from Halloween)
2 Pringles 4.9 oz
2 Softsoap hand soap 7.5 oz
2 Halls cough drops 25ct. & 30 ct.
2 Finish Quantumatic Automatic detergent dispenser system

Coupons I used:
$4 off $20 purchase (RiteAid video coupon)
$1 off any item (RiteAid video coupon)
(2) $0.50 off Halls cough drops (RiteAid video coupon)
(2) $3 off Finish dispenser system (manufacturer coupon)
$1 off Finish product (RiteAid video coupon)
$1 off 2 Pringles (manufacturer coupon)
$0.40 off Softsoap product (manufacturer coupon)
$7 Up Rewards

I paid $0.93 for it all, but I got back $1 Up Reward.  I made $0.07 on this purchase!!!  I saved $46.91 today.  Not bad for no planning, huh?!


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mhsands said...

I need the candy corn... well and some oreoes, white frosting and mini reese's cups. Then I could make some little turkeys. :)