Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovin' Some Deals...

After clipping coupons for a little while Sunday evening, Sarah and I decided to make a run to CVS in Vidalia.  I wanted to get my goodies before they were sold out.  So here is what I bought...

6 Revlon lipsticks
6 Right Guard Total Defense 5 deodorants
1 Alive vitamins for women
2 Sour Patch Kids candy (1 missing from pic)
1 Dove Caramel Promises (missing from pic)

All of these items cost me $28.61.  I saved $75.34, and I have $36 ECBs to spend later.... meaning all my stuff was FREE with a $7.39 profit.  Gotta love that!!!

I love shopping at stores that give store cash back to spend later like, CVS with ECBs, RiteAid with Up Rewards, and Walgreens with Register Rewards.  I have the $36 ECBs, $29.50 Up Rewards, and $8 Register Rewards (with $12 coming from Catalina coupon company b/c they didn't print out).  I will use each those rewards to purchase other items that will earn me more rewards... which is called rolling.  Now some people may think it is stupid to keep up with those rewards, but if you aren't taking advantage of them, you might as well just throw money out of your car window.  If you combine those rewards with coupons, you pay little to nothing for items you need/want.

A little more exciting news for me.  For the past two Sundays, some of my purchases have made it in the Savvy Shopper section of the Savannah Morning News.  YAY!  If you haven't checked out the articles, I encourage you to do so.  Michelle has some great information about store policies and tips for getting the most from your coupons.  The section always comes around the Sunday comics.  You can also "friend" or "like" Savannah Savvy Shopper on Facebook.


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