Saturday, September 11, 2010

Couponing Tips for the Week

Okay, you all see the pics of purchases I have made over the past couple months.  I thought I would share some things to help you out.  Let us start with BiLo.  This week (ending Tuesday night), they have their Mueller's pasta 8 oz (spaghetti, thin spaghetti, and elbow macaroni) for BOGO (2/79 cents).  Now if you will just hop on over to and sign up, you can print out coupons $2 off 5 boxes of pasta.  There is no limit to the coupons you can print.  Those 5 boxes of pasta will cost you $1.98.  With the $2 off coupon, it makes it FREE!  Another great buy we found this week were the 32 oz Powerades.  They are 69 cents.  If you stop by Harvey's in the 'Boro and take a look at their drink coolers in front of the registers, there is a coupon for 75 cents off 2... meaning you pay 32 cents per drink.  I can not stress enough how important it is to check the drink coolers everywhere.  Mike originally found the coupon on a drink cooler in the Pooler Lowes.  Also, if you get to BiLo and they are sold out of pasta, GET A RAIN CHECK!!!!  The pasta coupon is good until Oct. 8, so there will be time for them to get more in stock. 

This coming week, I am planning to make some great purchases at CVS for very little out of pocket expense.  A great site that I visit that has the sales and coupons grouped together, along with links to printable coupons is  She even gives purchase scenarios.  I used her ideas to get me started and then expanded.  Here are my ideas.

Transaction #1
Purchase (1) Tylenol Precise $5.99
               (1)  Nivea for Men Active body wash $4.99

Use $2 off Tylenol Precise manufacturer's coupon
       $2 off Tylenol Precise CVS store coupon
       $1 off Nivea Men's body wash coupon from my paper a few weeks ago

Spend $5.98 (before tax)
Get back $2 ECB (Extra Care Buck) for Tylenol Precise
               $4.99 ECB for Nivea body wash

If you notice after the ECBs, I earned $0.01 on the Tylenol Precise and $1 on the Nivea body wash.  There is a limit of 1 on these purchases.

Transaction #2
Purchase (4) Aqua Mist Air Refresheners $2.50 each

Use  (2) BOGO Aqua Mist coupons from my paper last month
        (2) $1 off Aqua Mist printable coupon that you can find link for @ Southern Savers
        $2 ECB from Tylenol Precise

Spend $1 (before tax)
Get back $5 ECB
Notice I just made $4 on this transaction.

Transaction #3
Purchase (4) Aqua Mist Air Refresheners $2.50 each

Use (2) BOGO Aqua Mist coupons from my paper last month (Remember that I get 6 Savannah Morning News each Sunday.)
        $5 ECB from transaction #2.

Spend $0.00 (before tax)
Get back $5 ECB (There is a Limit of 2 on this ECB offer.)
Notice I am only going to pay for the sales tax, and I'm still earning my ECB.

Transaction #4
Purchase (1) Alive MultiVitamin $9.99

Use $1 off Alive Vitamins printable coupon (link on Southern Savers)
       $5 ECB from transaction #3

Spend $3.99 (before tax)
Get back $9.99 ECB

Transaction #5
Purchase (4) Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash $4.50 each
               (1) Brach's candy $0.99

Use (4) $1 off Dove Men+Care body coupon from my paper
       $4.99 ECB from transaction #1
       $9.99 ECB from transaction #4

Spend $0.00 (before tax)
Get back $5 ECB for spending $15 Dove, Sauve, or Vaseline Products (Limit 1)
               $0.99 ECB for Brach's candy (Limit 1- This deal is only for Sunday-Tuesday)

Notice that I have just spent $10.97 before taxes on all 5 transactions, PLUS I have $5.99 ECB to use in the future.  Wooohooo!!!

I have fallen in love with the Southern Savers website.  She does most of the work for me.  I just add other things I see.  I can use the body wash to donate to our soldiers fighting for our country.  I'm sure they would like to smell nice when they aren't in the field.  Hope some of these suggestions help.


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