Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Successful shopping at CVS and BiLo

I had a great afternoon of shopping.  I was a little disappointed when I first arrived at CVS, because some of the items I had planned to buy were sold out.  I was afraid I was going to miss out on the great $5 off $15 purchase coupon that was expiring today.  Then I noticed there was a ECB deal on Coke products and other snacks.  You can check it out here.  Look on page 3 of the ad.  I knew I had coupons that would sweeten this deal.  I bought these (15) 32 oz. Powerades, paid $0.30 OOP, and got back $5 ECBs to spend later.  I made a $4.70 PROFIT for taking them home!

Here is the coupon breakdown:
$5 off $15 purchase that printed from the magic red scanner in the store
5- $1 off 3 Powerade manufacturer's coupons
$5 ECBs from last week

My next stop was BiLo.  I think I done very well considering I had some boneless skinless chicken breasts in the order.  I paid $18.79 for $77.77 worth of food and cleaners!!  Here is my transaction and coupon breakdown:

Over 6.5 lbs of Springer Mountain Farms boneless skinless chicken breasts BOGO
8- Gain fabric softner sheets 80 ct. (I had a rain check from a few weeks ago when they were $2.99.)
8- Dawn dish detergents 14 oz. $1 each
2 dozen eggs $0.99
2 Tetley teas BOGO

4- $1.50 off any Springer Mountain Farms chicken
8- $3 off Gain fabric softner or dryer sheets
8- $0.50 off any Dawn detergent (doubled to $1 each)
1- $0.55 off 2 one dozen cartons of eggs (doubled to $1.10)
2- $0.50 off Tetley tea (doubled to $1)

Can't wait to see what good deals I will get this coming sales week.  Remember that CVS' sales cycle runs Sunday-Saturday.  BiLo's sales cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday.


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