Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheap canned pasta and FREE pudding!

I found this cool little coupon last night while shopping in Kroger.  My little ones love pudding, but I don't always remember to make it. 

Chef Boyardee canned pasta is part of the Mega Event going on at Kroger this week.  Buy 10 Mega Event items, get $3 off your purchase.  It makes the pasta 69¢ a can!  I had a manufacturer's coupon for 35¢ off 3 Chef Boyardee pastas, which doubled to 70¢ off 3 cans.  I paid 46¢ per can.  I bought 6 cans per transaction, so I was qualified to get the FREE pudding. 

Something to remember about Kroger!!  You can only use TWO coupons per like items in the same transaction.  If you have 3 coupons, you will have to have 2 seperate transactions.  Make sure you read the wording on the coupons.  If the coupon is an amount off 2 items, then you will have to buy 4 items to use both coupons.  During the Mega Event, you are required to buy the specified number of products to get the special price.  Right now, it is buy 10, get $3 off your transaction and a $3 off Catalina coupon for a future purchase.  You don't have to buy 10 of the same Mega Event item (unless you need 10) but a combination of 10 Mega Event items.  In one of my transactions, I had 6 Chef Boyardee pastas, 3 Gatorades, and 1 Country Crock butter.  You don't have to seperate your transactions into 10 Mega Event items, unless you are planning on using more than 2 like coupons. 


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