Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Olay Body Wash

Just wanted to let you all know how you can score FREE Olay body wash at Dollar General this week.  The 8.4 oz bottle is on sale this week for $2.  The price isn't marked on the shelf, so ask a cashier to price check them just to make sure that the style you have picked up is part of the sale.  There was a $2 off any Olay body wash, bar soap, or in-shower lotion coupon in the P&G 12/26.

 These are the two types I was able to get Tuesday night.  I will be making another trip to Dollar General to use my other coupons.  Just remember, don't clear the shelves.  Let others have a chance to share in the joys of FREE body wash! :o)
(Thanks Sheryl at Cents'Able Shoppin!)


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